Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu

We offer yoga classes 7 days a week at our spacious temple on Capitol Hill in Seattle WA. We also offer yoga teacher training, yoga retreats and various yoga workshops and yoga events.  Call Samadhi Yoga at 206.329.4070 or drop by our boutique for yoga clothing, yoga mats, yoga props and yoga books.

Upcoming Events:

The Art of Love and Relationships with Subhan Schenker

This workshop will be happening at THE WORLD OF MEDITATION CENTER, 3412 NE 115TH ST., SEATTLE, WA 98125! TO REGISTER, CALL 206-772-8897, OR GO TO: WWW.WORLDOFMEDITATION.COM. EVERYONE wants intimate, supportive relationships. But at the same time, there seem to be many barriers that can make these relationships difficult and unsatisfying! In this workshop, learn how ... Continue Reading

Detox Yoga Retreat, Haramara Mexico, October 18-25th

Join Dr. Lynn von Schneidau, Naturopathic Physician, and Sheev Davis yogi and owner of Samahdi yoga for this 7 day life and health changing Journey toward self-discovery. You will discover whole foods, juices, daily classes to heal and revive your spirit, a beautiful setting and yoga as medicine to rejuvenate your soul. Learn tools for ... Continue Reading